Chiharu Hayashi Schaffer

Oil Paintings, Digital Fine Art & Illustrations

"Almond Cherry Blossom" 18"x18"

Oil on Canvas, 2011 Private Collection

  Chiharu Hayashi Schaffer is a Japanese born visual artist residing in Toronto,Canada. The beauty of nature is an abundant source of inspiration for Chiharu's paintings. She is interested in discovering the spiritual side of beauty and fascinated by capturing in painting the momentary experiences of life and the "transcience" in nature, she interprets the feeling into her pieces. Her concept of abstract paintings is a hybrid of North American and Japanese culture. In her brush stroke, she uses Japanese Calligraphy skills and combines them with a palette knife techniques she learned in Canada. Chiharu has graduated from Visual and Digital Arts Program in Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning with honours in Spring, 2011.

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