"Birthday Cat", Adobe Photoshop, 2011
TORJA, TORONTO+JAPAN MAGAZINE, Vol.15, October 2012, Editorial Illustration Published
TORJA, TORONTO+JAPAN MAGAZINE, Vol.17, December 2012, Editorial Illustration Published
"In The Night", Adobe Photoshop, 2011

"SAKURA", Oil on Canvas, 24"x36"

"Ode to Picasso", Oil on Canvas, 12"x24"
"Joy of HANA", Oil on Panel, 12"x12
"Sunflowers", Oil on Panel, 24"x24"

"Sunlight on Almond Cherry Blossoms", Oil on Panel, 24"x24", Private Collection

Chiharu Hayashi Schaffer

Oil Paintings, Digital Fine Art & Illustrations

"Image Character of Mr.Teruoka (a real estate agent in Toronto) Published 2012
"Geisha Cat", Ink, Watercolor, Adobe Photoshop, 2011
"The Iris", Oil on Canvas, 12"x24"
"Sparkling Tulips", Oil on Canvas, 24"x24"
Private Collection
"Ode to Vincent", Oil on Canvas, 12"x24"
Private Collection
"Epiphany in Love", Oil on Panel, 9"x12"
Private Collection
"AYAME", Oil on Panel, 9"x12"
Private Collection

Digital fine art & Illustrations

Oil Paintings